A majestic ouverture for the new season, with powder, land and air beaks!We are passing in few pages from the glacial shores of the northern seas to the equally fresh snowy peaks of the Engadine.

Last weekend (17/11) the new ski season opened for me, thanks to a flow of cold air from the North and some flakes of snow we managed to put on the skins again and go up the first peaks.

We leave home at the unusual hour of 7:00 in the morning, the weather seems to promise clearing after the rains of recent days, but throughout the trip we are accompanied by fog, drizzling cold and a general sense of despair in thinking that the first ascent of new season would turn into a visit to our crooks-smuggling house.

However, stoics like hungry animals we continue towards the Maloja pass, and here we see in the thick fog the first signs of tenuous nocturnal snowfall, the autumnal landscape is covered with a thin white veil gifting two seasons in a single glance. A few lagging staple hastens to reach the ground leaving us still for a few minutes with the doubt that brioches will win on the wax, but as soon as we arrive in St. Moritz the clouds open, the larches reveal themselves diamonded by the frozen fog and the cliffs show proudly their new white dresses.

We reach the parking lot below the hospice “La Veduta” and we accept the compromise to bring the skis by hand for the first few meters, even if the return will ski on individual snowflakes to get to the car with the skins on their feet.



On the first stretches we see in the nearest corner of the valley a young chamois following our movements from the distance, in a while a feathery sound crosses our head and a majestic Gipeto flies over our heads revealing the sparkly orange chest.

With the wide angle mounted on the Fuji it is just impossible to catch a single frame of him, being this my first sight it is probably a bless to not have carried with me the tele, as I had the chance of enjoying the moment without having to care about recording it. But one thing is for sure, with this introduction the adventure couldn’t go any worse!



Fast forward until we reach the Bardella smaller peak, now the time of sweating is kinda finished and we free ourselves on the first stretches of powder of the new season.


Unfortunately as soon as we reach again the main valley there is no more powder but just a compact bed.

Nothing, not even the disappearance of dust can stop our enthusiasm, and someone also seems to double the joy in the descent.


All given, this ouverture opens the way to what seems to be a fantastic new season.


There is so much to be done, but so little time.

Stay tuned for the next adventure!


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